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About Myself

Charles E Baker III

I have 3 years of experience building and developing models for 3D printers so I feel like I’ve pretty much been “Here” from the beginning. I’ve built 2 RepRap type printers, both a Mendel and a RepRapPro 2 extruder model. I’ve  worked with several slicers including “KISSlicer” and “Slic3r”. For myself I’ve gone out-of-the-way to keep things inexpensive and open source wherever possible so my principle operating system for my boxes is Ubuntu and I’ve tried to stick to CAD software such as OpenSCad, Blender & FreeCad.

Currently I post my projects on Thingiverse.

3D Scanner based off FabScan open source project                         3D printed Filament Extruder

IMG_0904_preview_featured              IMG_0841_preview_featured


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